The Video Marketing Strategy the “Big Guys” Don’t Want You to Know About (Because it Works!
The 1-2-3
Social Media Marketing Plan
That works to sell any insurance product,
even if you’re new or have a small audience
No matter WHAT you sell...
or WHO you are trying to reach...
or WHERE you are located...
No matter WHAT you sell...
or WHO you are trying to reach...
or WHERE you are located...
The video domino strategy will work to attract highly qualified leads to you that are prepared and excited to buy!
Elgin W, Los Angeles
Work with the Branning Group because they have a very high-quality product. They are high integrity people and deliver on any and all promises that they make to you. Alex’s systems have worked better for me than other people have. He is cost effective but produces at a high level. The investments and/or cost that we have used with the Branning Group have been minimal for the rate that they have produced for us.
Here's How it Works...
You start with a long video (2-3 minutes) that explains one of the BIG benefits that you bring to the table. At the end of the video, you make an offer for the viewer to take action!
Upload the video to your Facebook page and promote it to your target audience (pick your prospects based on location, age, income, etc).
Login to your Facebook Ads manager and create a custom audience that is dynamically populated with viewers who watch a large portion of the long video.
You set up a retargeting advertising campaign that only goes to prospects that have watched at least half of your video, and focus a portion of your marketing budget on making an offer to them.  
Why does it work? 
Video has been proven to work as a delivery method to connect to your audience.  

You no longer need to pay $500 to a TV station to play a 30 second TV commercial to a random assortment of TV viewers that you hope will be interested in your product. 

Now, you can now tell Facebook exactly who you want to watch your video, and you no longer have a limit on the length of time for your “commercial” (the long video).  

“OK, so I know how to target my prospects on Facebook with my video… so what’s the Video Domino?” 
The "Domino"
As a rule of thumb, humans feel safer around people they recognize. You can use that Law of Familiarity to your advantage by following your target prospects that have expressed interest in your product or service with a short video.  

The more they see your face, and hear your voice, the more likely they are to trust you. 

The Video Domino strategy works by leveraging multiple proven sales and psychology techniques. 

First, we use the long video so that you have enough time to explain a big benefit of working with you, and make your viewer an offer. 

Second, we take advantage of the law of familiarity and the new technology enhancements to establish a “celebrity status” with our target prospects.
If you wish people recognized you at the grocery store… 

If your phone has been way too quiet… 

When you need more referrals…  

The Video Domino strategy is the proven, turnkey video marketing strategy you can implement with little investment, no technical knowledge and no special equipment.  

This strategy meets the compliance rules for each and every insurance carrier, because you’re simply instructing your prospects to call you.  
The Next Step
Inside the Video Domino home study course, we have the proven scripts for all the major insurance products (auto, health, final expense, etc).  

Once inside, you will download the script and fill in the “blanks” that are clearly marked for you. These sections are for you to introduce the viewer to a client, share your (brief) story about why you started your career and how they can get a hold of you. Each script has been written by a professional copywriter, and was crafted to get your audience to take action on the insurance product you’re selling

Print out the completed script, and follow our over-the-shoulder tutorials that show you how to shoot the video and set up the ad campaign on the Facebook platform (we have even include the copy-paste text to use to describe your video… the Video Domino home study course is extremely comprehensive).  
Tim M, San Diego
He really cares about your success. He takes it personal. He wants to make sure that your success is his success. His prices are more than fair. Any time I make an investment to Alex I'm not worried about getting my money back.
You have two choices
Option One:
Home Study Course

Get our done-for-you home study course, complete with the scripts to use for the main insurance products and the over-the-shoulder demonstrations of how to set up your advertising campaign. You get lifetime access to the course for a one-time payment of $97.00

Option TWO:

Purchase the course, and pay an additional one-time fee for my team to do all of the setup for you on your first Video Domino. You will still need to record the video, but my team will help you with the script, publishing the video, setting up the ad campaign and even recording the process so that you can see what they did on your behalf. This option requires an investment of $497.00, and includes our help for one of the insurance products.

I’m also offering our wildly popular Facebook Ads 101 for Insurance Agents digital course, which you can add to your purchase no matter which option you chose. I normally sell this course for $497 as a stand-alone offering, but today you can add lifetime access to our Facebook Ads course for only $97.00. There’s a checkbox on the next screen where you can add the course to your order.  
Arvee R, Irvine
“Work with the Branning Group because he delivers what he promises. Alex is so easy to work with, he listens, and he's so kind and so energetic. He loves what he does and it shows. He's good at it, he's efficient, and he's just a lot of fun to work with. He's got a team around him and they deliver exactly what they say, in a fast manner.”

No matter which option you choose, you’ll get immediate access to the home study course and you’ll be sent a package in the mail to help you take action.

No matter which option you choose, you’ll get immediate access to the home study course and you’ll be sent a package in the mail to help you take action. - All Rights Reserved - Terms & Conditions